SCOT Program Outline

Our Programs

Student Connect Trust runs several rich, diverse and life changing programs. We conduct seminars, workshops, counseling, camps, etc. We also do mentorship programs, promotional events designed to strengthen young people’s leadership competence. They are constantly reviewed with a view to improve and refine them and ensuring that they remain relevant to students and to our society. More programs are forthcoming. The programs herein are done in different strands and variants depending with the specific participants. The contents of each program can be adjusted so as to suit particular and specific needs. An outline of each program is available on request. We also mainstream, in our programs, the critical issue of HIV and AIDS and general counseling..

1. Prefects Training

This is an extremely high impact, exciting and transformational four day program for high school prefects. In this program Prefects are equipped with basic leadership skills necessary for their expected function and conduct as student leaders. Some of the areas covered in this program include an understanding of leadership, the person of a leader, the function of a leader, the role of a prefect, team building, time management, planning and goal setting. This program is a must for all high schools.

2. Leaders’ Development training

A real empowering program designed for student leaders, Christian leaders, and all people who want to grow and develop in leadership. This program empowers participants to develop into leaders of competence and relevance. Each training workshop is uniquely developed with the specific participants in mind. All student leaders should not hazard missing out on this program as soon as possible after their assumption of leadership office.

3. Career Planning and development.

This is a greatly enlightening program that has liberated many students from the fetters of vocational ignorance. In this program students’ minds are opened to the world of opportunities and options that are rewarding and fulfilling. They are assisted in linking their passion and strengths to their careers and the possibilities that lie before them. Their strengths and efforts must be correctly directed and channeled. This program is mandatory for all students.

4. Exam Preparation

Preparation ensures excellent performance in all things. The mistake many students make is that preparation is done towards exams, this mistake has cost many lives and negatively altered their destinies. This program is designed to avoid that by assisting high school students in strategic preparation for examinations. It also assists even those who are a few weeks or days before the exam, better late than never. In this program, done as a one off seminar or as a series of seminars, students are assisted on study habits, avoiding common pitfalls, stress management, etc. you are never too early to prepare for that exam!

5. ChampionMaker course

This unique program is a rare opportunity for students to be actively coached and guided into champions of destiny. It is offered to high school students and also tertiary institution students. This program starts with a 5-day camp followed by an after-three-months correspondence progress assessment. This is followed by another after-three-months one day workshop which will conclude the course. The program content is a blend of leadership and lifeskills courses designed purely to grow the champion un you to dominate and prevail over your destiny.

6. Lifeskills course

This is an exciting life empowering program that assists and equips participants in tackling critical lifeskills in life. These are better mastered whilst one is a student than later. The ills of society today are largely a consequence of the absence of vital lifeskills coaching at a younger age. Areas that are addressed include decision making, stress management, communication, teen challenges, critical thinking skills, grooming and presentation, developing self esteem and positive self image, emotional intelligence, managing failure, relationships, etc. This course takes an average 90 minutes per session weekly spread over an average of 10 weeks. This is to allow participants to progressively build on the important areas learnt, giving time to reflect and act on the lessons learnt and avoid loading everything in a condensed session. Your student, your child needs this program for a meaningful and fruitful life.

7. Lifeplanner Course

The LifePlanner course remains a strategic program in giving direction, focus and meaning to young people, especially students. In this program they are equipped with tools and skills in planning for their lives, making long range goals and understanding some critical issues of life. This program is done once a week for at least five weeks to give participants time to reflect and put into practice what they are learning. Some of the areas covered are purpose, potential, personal visioning, planning and goal setting, making a life plan, etc. Surely you cannot afford ignoring such a critical program that gives direction for life.

8. Team Development

No man is an island. We are interdependent one with another. This largely interactive and high activity program is key to all who work in team, be they leaders, sportspersons or anyone who appreciates the importance of team work. Areas covered in this people-bonding program include stages of team development, attributes of successful teams, trust, dependability and communication. No one can really do without a program as this one because one way or another we always work with teams or as teams. SCOT teams up with you to make a better us!

9. Mentoring

In this powerful networking program SCOT actively participates in linking students to industry. A student meets a mature person who can positively impact him or her in the pursuit of hie or her goals. We will monitor the mentorship for about two years and ensure the mentorship experience is practically helpful and useful to the student. An accessible role model is more effective in assisting a student in several areas that include counsel, exposure, sharing of real life experiences, further networking and preparation for life after school.

10. Personal Management

Management of self is an extremely important skill. It distinguishes poor and mediocre lives from effective lives. SCOT offers an opportunity to students to develop in this area in their formative years and position themselves right for life. In this program participants have the unique opportunity of learning and developing in self awareness, time management, managing attitudes, planning and goal setting amongst others. For a person to be the best he or she can be, to do the best and achieve the best within your context this program is not only commended, but necessary.

11. The ReBound programme

This is a unique program targeting people who think they are failures in life, who are afraid of failure or who have not been successful in one thing or another. Through this program they are refreshed, renewed and rearmed. This is a delicate class of people who need assistance sooner than later before some of them make wrong decisions in life or lose hope or incorrectly position themselves socially ,orally, academically and in all key areas of life. Dreams and visions must not be lost sight of.

12. Your customized training

This program takes the nature and flow determined solely by the school, institution or participants. This program addresses areas required specifically for the participants and does not necessarily fit into the mould of any program described hereinbefore. It is customized to the participants’’ need.