About Student Connect Trust

About SCOT

Student Connect Trust is a registered not for profit Trust that exists primarily for the benefit of students. It was formally established in 2006, having been in existence for 5 years as a loose coalition of dynamic individuals passionate about positively impacting the youths of Zimbabwe. Student Connect Trust (SCOT) was established to assist in filling educational training gaps in Zimbabwe. Student Connect Trust was founded specifically for students in High Schools and Tertiary Institutions. SCOT is a relatively young organization. However some of the personnel in SCOT have been involved in trainings of this nature to students, youths, churches and adults for as long as twelve years in different capacities and at various platforms. The passion is to positively impact a critical sector of our society, the High School and Tertiary Institution students. The topics covered are not directly dealt with in the classroom. We endeavour to pair students with a dignified destiny than to repair them to a generally accepted mode of society functioning. We do it because we are highly passionate about making positive and permanently altering the destinies of the younger generation.

Our Vision

A nation with wholesome and useful students and young people.


We are a youth focused institution and we promote, facilitate and participate in the strategic and systematic developing of students and young people through leadership, career, life skills and character development programs

Our Values

• Relationship building
• Vision
• Passion
• Integrity

  • Our Motivation
  • Objectives
  • Outcomes
A realization of the need amongst Zimbabwean students and young people for leadership and lifeskills training coupled with character building
A passion and desire to assist students and young people to be wholesome people, well developed and useful to the country.
To equip students and young people with leadership skills and capacity
To bridge the gap between urban students and those in rural and mission schools.
To establish and strengthen relationships and networks between students and society.
Provision of guidance and counseling services to students and young people.
To help in building and shaping character in students
Students and young people are equipped with necessary skills as they confront issues and pressures of life.
• Students and young people are equipped to make informed decisions about career and lifelong vocations
• The efforts of the school in producing a well rounded and balanced student are greatly complemented.
• Students are empowered to become effective leaders at their institutions and communities.
• Students and young people are empowered to identify and realize their God given potential
• The student is helped to nurture and develop his vision/dream and advance in the achievement of the same.
• Linking and networking students to strategic players in the achievement of their vision and realization of their potential.
• Students and young people are provided with a platform to share and exchange ideas amongst themselves in pursuit of their development.